Introduction of ONIARM-JAPAN armwrestling equipment for training and exercise

What is ONIARM-JAPAN armwrestling equipment?

ONIARM-JAPAN armwrestling equipment exports and sells high quality products from Japan to the world.

This brand is produced by “Mazurenko Japan”, Japan’s largest arm wrestling shop.

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Select high quality products

The most distinctive product is the full 304 stainless steel arm wrestling handle.

Not only the body, but also the shaft, chain, and screws are all made of 304 stainless steel.

The product list of ONIARM-JAPAN

PRO series

Wind roller PRO is the most basic armwrestling roller that can increase the power of your wrist.

Wind roller PRO


Pronation handle PRO can increase the rotational power of your wrist. Depending on how you hold it, you can use it not only for top roll training but also for hook training.

Pronation handle PRO


Hook roller PRO is suitable for high intensity training of wrist power. It can also be used for top roll training by gripping it upside down.

Hook roller PRO


Sideopen handle PRO gives you the flexibility to train because one side is open. This type of handle is also called a Russian handle because it is used by Russian armwrestlers.

Sideopen handle PRO


EX series

The Hook handle EX is the basic handle for hooks, which gives you intensive training in the power to bend your wrist.

Hook handle EX


Toproll handle EX is a handle specialized for top roll training, and you can intensively train the rotation power of your wrist.

Toproll handle EX


Pinch handle EX intensively strengthens your pinch power. Since it can be used in various grips, you can train all your fingers.

Pinch handle EX


Wrist bar EX can be used in various ways depending on how you hold it. It is ideal for top roll training if you hold the belt up, and hook training if you hold the belt down.

Wrist bar EX



With Hand grips, you can do dumbbell training and cable training as if you were actually gripping your opponent’s hand.This product is made of high quality military rubber.

Hand grips


This Lever action belt is made from fine cowhide with a suede finish and is sewn firmly with double stitching.Great for your heavy weight training for arm wrestling.

Lever action belt


Wrist wraps XX is a high quality product certified by the International Powerlifting Association and is used for 300kg bench press. It provides great protection for your wrists during hard armwrestling exercises.

Wrist wraps XX


The X elbow sleeve protects your elbows with 7mm neoprene rubber combined with the support of a wrist wrap certified by the International Powerlifting Association.

X elbow sleeve


Mazurenko armwrestling equipment

We also introduce the products of Mazurenko equipment, the most famous armwrestling equipment of the world.

The links below connects to Mazurenko equipment’s “armwrestling shop”.

From Japan to the world

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