World arm wrestlers, welcome to JAWA(Japan Arm Wrestling Association)

World arm wrestlers, welcome to JAWA(Japan Arm Wrestling Association) website.

Chairman’s greeting

Chairman’s greeting(Yosifumi Wasa)

About JAWA

The Japan Arm Wrestling Association(JAWA) was established in 1977 by former Chairman Mitsuo Endo (now Honorary Chairman). JAWA has reached its 43rd year this year.

During this time, we held three World championship and produced many world champions,such as Yoshinobu Kanai and Yoko Yamada.

JAWA is the largest armwrestling organization in Japan, with over 40 prefecture federations.

JAWA holds the All Japan Championships every year, and in 2018 held the 36th Championship. We also hold junior, masters and disabled championships.

JAWA has held many competitions where people with disabilities can participate in the competition for over 30 years.

As a subordinate organization, JAWA is working to establish the Japan Barrier Free Arm Wrestling Federation (JBAF).

In 2019, JAWA officially join the International Federation of Arms Wrestling (IFA) and participate in the World Championships.

History of armwrestling in Japan

Image citation:wikipedia(Asahi Graph February 18, 1948 Asahi News Paper Company)

Arm wrestling is called “udesumo” in Japanese. It has been used as a force comparison since ancient times, and in Japan JAWA has been the first to apply international rules to make it armwrestling.

JAWA history

1977: JAWA established

1987: Participated in the WAWC World Championships

1990: Host Japan-USSR Championships

1992: Host the WAWC World Championships

1994: Participated in the WAF World Championships

1999: Host the WAF World Championships

2005: Host the WAF World Championships

2014: Host the WAF Asian Championships


We have edited the great match from the armwrestling competitions around the world.This is a popular category of the JAWA homepage.

Armwrestling best bouts

How to Win in armwrestling

How to Win in armwrestling | Asian medalist explains techniques (top roll) and training equipment

Armwrestling Equipment

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About Japan

Japan is a parliamentary democracy consisting of the Japanese archipelago (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu’s main four islands and their associated islands) and the Nansei Islands, Izu Islands, Ogasawara Islands, etc.And there are 47 prefectures as administrative division in Japan.

Japan is also one of the developed countries, and is a member of the G7, G8 and G20.

Various data of Japan

Founding country

February 11, 660 BC




126.44 million


JPY(Japanese Yen)


All image citation: Wikipedia

Tokyo Montage 2015.jpg

Population:13,929,286 people

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan. On March 28, 1869, the central function of politics in Japan was transferred.

Old capital


Kyoto has been the capital of Japan since 794 for over 1000 years. Because of this, valuable ancient buildings still remain.


Nara has been the capital of Japan since 710. Many precious Buddhist old buildings remain.

National Mountain

ファイル:Numazu and Mount Fuji.jpg
Mount Fuji

Height: 3,776.24 m

Mount Fuji is an active volcano that spans Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, and is the highest mountain in Japan. It is famous in foreign countries as a symbol of Japan.

National flower

Cherry Blossom

Prunus, Cerasus, Japanese cherry, Sakura

Cherry blossoms fall innocence. This is a symbol of Samrai’s way of life in Japan.

National bird

Japanese Pheasant

Phasianus versicolor

Pheasants are familiar to Japanese and appear in many myths.

National sport


Sumo wrestling is a martial art held in ancient times in rituals and festivals.

Traditional culture


Nou is a theater performance based on supernatural things.


Kabuki is a traditional theater performance that has been loved by the common people since ancient times.


Shodo is a traditional culture that makes writing letters an art.


Sado is a traditional culture that uses tea ceremony as an art.


Kado is a traditional culture that has the art of decorating cut flowers.

Traditional festival

Nebuta festival

The Nebuta Festival is a summer festival held in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, and features the use of huge paper balloons.

Gion festival

The Gion Festival is a festival in Kyoto City, one of the most historic festivals in Japan, which has been around since the 9th century. It is a summer feature of Kyoto.

Tenjin festival

Tenjin Festival is a festival that takes place at shrines in various parts of Japan. Above all, the Tenjin Festival held in Osaka is famous.

Famous national treasure

Izumo Taisha

Izumo Taisha is a shrine located in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, and is the most historic shrine in Japan.

Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine is a shrine in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. It is famous for its huge tori-i gate in the sea.

Horyuji temple

Horyuji temple is a Buddhist temple located in Ikuhacho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture, and is one of the oldest temples in Japan.

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is a Japanese castle in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Traditional food


Sushi is a traditional Japanese food combining rice and vinegar mixed with seafood.


Tempura is a traditional Japanese food, wrapped in seafood and vegetables in flour and fried in oil.


Sukiyaki is a traditional Japanese food in which beef and vegetables are boiled in a shallow iron pan. Seasoning is soy sauce, sugar and so on, and it is sweet and salty.

All image citation: Wikipedia


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