Answers to questions from IFA|IFAからの質問に対する回答

JAWA “Japan Arm Wrestling Association” received some questions about the disability sector”JBAF Japan Barrier-Free Arm Wrestling Federation” from IFA “International Federation of Arm Wrestling”.

These questions are designed to create articles on the IFA site.

Questions from IFA are as follows.

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Questions from IFA

1. Everyone has a complicated story, but all are united by armwrestling. What does your big sports family live with? What do its members do (studying, working etc)? How old is the youngest member of your team, how old is the oldest?

2. Why did you choose armwrestling? How did your team come together?

3. Do you have a coach? How do you train? How many times a week?

4. What do you prefer – the fight at the table or preparation with iron? Why? What do you think is a clue – strength or technique?

5. In general, is it difficult to be an athlete in Japan? Why?

6. What inspires you to do armwrestling?

7. Have you watched the qualifying stages of the Top 8? Who are you cheering for?

The answers of JAWA disabled players are as follows.

Takahashi’s answer “As a JBAF player representative”

Thank you for the question.

We and Japanese members are working on the development of armwrestling in the spirit of “Do not count the lost things, make the best use of the left things”.

(1)I am involved as a JAWA officer / player. My job is a company employee. The youngest member is 30 years old.

(2)The reason for choosing armwrestling is that healthy and disabled people can fight equally. In Japan, there is not yet a team for people with disabilities. I work with a team of healthy people. Team building is our future goal.

(3)There is no coach. Mainly hands-on training twice a week. Sometimes weight training.

(4)I like to practice at the table.

(5)I think it is difficult now. I think sponsors will be attached if it becomes a Paralympic event.

(6)It is an introduction of a friend.In the year I started armwrestling, the All Japan Wheelchair Championship was held and participated.

(7)I watched it on YouTube. Babaev.

Watamura’s answer “Aichi Federation -Team Cobra”

(1)I have just begun armwrestling, but I enjoy the practice and competition as well as the healthy people, taking care of the healthy people.

(2)I have a lower extremity disorder caused by the spine, but I was good at armwrestling from a long time ago and wanted to challenge it by knowing that wheelchairs can do armwrestling.I looked up the team on the internet and joined.

(3)The coaches are teammates. Team practice sessions are mainly practice at the table, and I do it once or twice a month.

(4)I like to practice at the table.

(5)I think it ’s very difficult.

(6)Same as (2).

(7)I have n’t seen it.

Kaneda’s answer “Scheduled to participate in 2019IFA World Championship”

(1)I belonged to a gym run by JAWA former chairman Endo. At the gym, I was taught the basics of body care, basic strength, and armwrestling. Also, I practiced with the top Japanese players who gather there every day.I am 42 years old. I work for a company that leases, sells and exports care products for the elderly and disabled.

My job is posting job information, applying for social insurance for employees, and dealing with applicants for employment.

I host an armwrestling club team-JesusArm. The youngest player is 23-year-old Matsuo. He took third place in the 63kg class left in the general section of the JAWA All Japan Arm Wrestling Championships held on November 2, 2019.

I started this sport 15 years ago. Originally, I was doing judo, struggling with injuries and achievements, and had many problems in using the whole body properly.

(2)I watched an armwrestling TV program in 2005. This TV program was the reason why I started armwrestling. I have won the armwrestling tournament held by the judo team and I was confident, so I started armwrestling in earnest.

(3)I currently have no coach. I try to do both table exercise and weight training. I do table exercise once a week and weight training once a week.

(4)I like weight training because I can concentrate on my weak parts.

(5)In Japan, armwrestling is not yet a professional competition. I think it is difficult now.
I hope that in the near future, there will be more prize competitions and international matches in Japan.

(6)The opportunity to start armwrestling was meeting with the chairman and athlete of the gym. And I thought that this sport could make my life full.

(7)I saw it.
I like the former rugby player Kurdetcha and the Ukrainian actor Prudnik.

Sincerely yours.

PS: I have a developmental disorder with hyperpsychiatric symptoms. Then, considering my mission, I entered the disabled section of the 2019IFA World Championship.

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